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Data de inscrição : 05/12/2008
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MensagemAssunto: Dicas para Rogue Galaxy   Sex Dez 05, 2008 5:52 pm

Bom,as dicas para esse incrivel jogo são as seguintes:
As três chaves: "Earth Key" é encontrada em Burkaqua na sala do ancião,em um baú do lado ou atráz do trono dele
"Star Key" é encontrado dentro do Bar da Angela,no planeta Vedan,você precisará da Earth Key para abri esse baú
"Sun Key" é encontrada na casa do homem velho em reach Johannesburg,você precisará da Star Key para abrir este baú

Ver todos os baús não abertos no seu mini-mapa: Para poder ver a localidade dos baús no mapa,basta você ativar todos os "Teleporter" do planeta

Insectron: Bom,o Dark Emperor pode ser dito como o Insectron supermo,pois seu especial tem um longo alcance e seu ataque normal pode jogar seu inimigo pra trás e deixa-lo virado de cabeça para baixo,impossibilitado de atacar ou revidar ataques durante 3 turnos. Como capitura-lo: Após zerar o jogo,você verá um novo local pra você descer,é o Ghost Ship,complete a missão lá, e depois volte na entrada,lá haverá um homem chamado Minoc,ele te perguntará sobre os 7 misterios da galaxia,responda as 7 corretas e ganhe a chave para o Ghost Ship Extreme,aqui são 100 andares,e a cada 10 andares tem um chefão,complete ele e você receberá a Royal Fruit,agora volte para o planeta onde foi sua ultima missão,vá para o Plaza no santuário (o centro do la onde tem o ponto de salvar e vários caminhos que você pegou para catar os itens para a espada da missão) coloque essa comida em qualquer armadilha e espere,a chance de pegar é de 100% não tenha medo Very Happy (AVISO:SE VOCÊ SAIR DO GHOST SHIP EXTREME TERÁ DE ATRAVESSAR TUDO DE NOVO)

Respostas das possiveis perguntas que poderam ser feitas pelo Minoc:

Q: Who was the galaxy's top shipwright, the man who built the
Dorgenark along with Dorgengoa?
A: Chrisden Ark

Q: Who is not a receptionist at the Galaxy Corporation?
A: Miralka

Q: The galaxy's treasures are noted in this adventure log, which
happens to be Dorgengoa's favorite book.
A: The Geo Record

Q: The hunter Tamara Panola is right up there in the ranks. When she's
on the prowl, where can you usually find her?
A: Vedan Spaceport

Q: Miyoko and Chie are always wandering aimlessly. How many times did
you come across them?
A: 4 times

Q: Valkog's Hair is…
A: Blonde

Q: Juraika's deepest jungle is home to exceedingly fragrant coffee
beans. What does everyone call this treasure?
A: Burkaqua Mountain

Q: When did the legendary planet Marigleenn tuck itself away into
another dimension?
A: 10,000 years ago

Q: The Draxian Empire is the sworn enemy of the Longardian military.
Only one on Draxil's weapons appear in this game. Which one?
A: Zenon D

Q: Wait a while at the title screen to view the opening movie. Which
character makes the most appearances next to Jaster?
A: Kisala

Q: Henry and Robert are members of MIO's fan club, and the two of them
have her signature move down pat. Do you?
A: Turn twice and "Kawaii!"

Q: Who is Mariglenn's queen and Kisala's mother?
A: Freidias

Q: In Chapter 13, Jaster and his friends gathered heart energy in the
form of "Drigellums." What color was Deego's Drigellum?
A: Orange

Q: Kisala's Mist Boots are made out of which animal's fur?
A: Galactic Mink

Q: Jaster set off across the desert toward the Dorgenark to become a
space pirate. Who was the man who lent him a yago?
A: Katahari

Q: MIO is Zerard's favorite super-idol. Who of the following was the
first to become a member of her fan club?
A: Dr. Pocacchio

Q: There's a beast out there that likes to eat Granshees like Jupis.
What kind of beast is it, anyway?
A: A bird

Q: Jaster and Kisala met in Rosa desert. What were Kisala's first
words to Jaster?
A: "Over here!"

Q: Which of these is crushed into a powder and used as makeup by
Burkaquan women?
A: Yanan Fruit

Q: Jaster and his friends bounty hunt on the side. Which of these
quarries is the "jungle master"?
A: Beast Leone

Q: Dorgengoa recognizes Jaster as a pirate and gives him a coin.
What's on it?
A: A skull

Q: What color is the scarf that's part of Jaster's "Desert Claw"
A: Red

Q: Jupis was behind the Starship Factory takeover in Zerard. Who was

the reporter that covered this breaking news?
A: Lucy Dyne

Q: Lovely! Honey! MIO!! When MIO's in concert, what's the name of the
clone robot that takes her place at the reception desk?
A: M10

Q: Which of Steve's special attack abilities gives 120 percent power,
all the time?
A: Strange Beam

Q: Each of Zax Morarty's henchman make their own fashion statements,
but which of the following was missing when they first appeard?
A: Fancy Eyeglasses

Q: How many "oa"s did Monsha tack onto his whoa before crashing on
A: 4

Q: You got through Arabis's ghost ship not to long ago, right? So
which one of these didn't show up while you were there?
A: Sand Kraken

Q: Which of these people seems to have no interest in the Insectron?
A: Professor Izel

Q: The mysterious prisoner you meet in Rosencaster Prison is actually
A: Admiral Banarge

Q: Draxil is the sworn enemy of the Longardian Federation. What's its
full name?
A: The Draxian Empire

Q: Which one of these is the tallest?
A: Mish

Q: Filio, Dario, and Shero are three strange fellows living on Juraika.
What's their real relationship?
A: Good friends

Q: Toady can help transform your allies' weapons. Which of the
following is one of Simon's most powerful launchers?
A: Paradise Lost

Q: What is the model number of Ragnar, the Mariglendan multipurpose
android you met in the Sylvazard Desert Labyrinth?
A: 2947

Q: What was the name of the ultimate Drigellum, made from the hearts
of the Mariglendans?
A: Prayer

Q: What's the name of the guy quizzing you on the Seventh Mystery—in
other words, me?
A: Minoc

Q: One of Kisala's abilities is Deadly Stench," wherein she lobs one
of Dorgengoa's socks at a foe. If the enemy doesn't die, it
A: Poisoned

Q: Jupis Tooki McGanel knows how to get ahead! When he joined the
Dorgenark's crew, with what did he bribe Kisala?
A: Dumplings

Q: How often does Arabis's ghost ship appear?
A: Once every 40 years

Q: The Seven-Star Swords are legendary galactic treasures. Desert Claw
gives you the Desert Seeker; which one does Raul leave in the
A: Pride of Kings

Q: Which of these is a real beast?
A: Smilier

Q: Desert Claw is a strong ally, appearing when you need him most.
What's his real name?
A: Mizel

Q: The Sand Kraken was an ancient beast sleeping in the Sylvazard
Desert labyrinth. How many legs does it have in total?
A: 8

Q: Zax Morarty has Myna under his thumb. You only get to see him in
one cutscene, but what color was his suit?
A: White

Q: The secret behind Monsha's luxurious coat is a balanced diet and…
A: 3 hrs. of exercise a day

Q: Which beast did Jaster take on first?
A: Baphu

Q: What color is the pattern on Burkaquan Chief Ugozi's loin cloth?
A: Orange

Q: Travelers can only land on the ocean planet Alistia for a limited
period of time. Who's responsible for this rule?
A: The Galaxy Corporation

Q: What's the name of the android Insector invented by Dr. Pocacchio?
A: White Miracle

Q: What's the name of the Dorgenark's stylish lounge, where
crewmembers can always relax?
A: Veronica

Q: The bartender at the Dorgenark's lounge shows up in the Insectron
S-rank match. What's his "ring name"?
A: Jin Red

Q: Let's see how sharp you are. What's the unit of currency in the
Guin System?
A: Zehn

Q: Which one of these is not an insector?
A: Itsahuman

Q: Faeries are the most elusive of Insectors. Among these, the shyest
little sprite of all is the pigtailed…
A: Mary Faerie

Q: The crew of the Dorgenark always gives such good advice. Which one
of them weighs the most?
A: Davis

Q: What is the name of Rogue Galaxy developer Level-5's first game?
A: Dark Cloud

Q: These blushing newlyweds accidentally came to Myna for their
A: Brahms & Heidemarie

Q: Where do miners on Myna like to go after a hard day's work?
A: Angela's Bar

Q: Your friends all have their own swimming styles: Jaster does the
breastroke, Deego does the doggy paddle, and so on. But what about
A: Flutter Kick

Q: Jaster defeated his first quarry, the Scorching Alchemist, in the
Salgin residentual area. How many points did he earn?
A: 20000

Q: What is Dr. Pocacchio's full name?
A: Donald Pocacchio

Q: Who's the eternal rock star everyone talks about at the Myna Power
Station Plaza?
A: Safari

Q: She's in love with pink, and looks for it everywhere. Her
boyfriend's just along for the ride. Who are they?
A: Pinky & Arnim

Q: Zegram is particularly fond of "Pirate's Grog." What's its alcohol
A: 80%

Q: What is the official name of planet Mariglenn?
A: Le Marie Glennecia

Q: How many piercings does Zegram have in his ears? (Hint: Get up
close and look verrry carefully!)
A: 2

Q: Which one of these female hunters very nearly caught the Myna
tunnel beast known as the Rumored Ladyhunter?
A: Tamara Panola

Q: Running, running, always running. What does Deego talk about most
while out running from place to place?
A: Military Training

Se você for dar um novo "New Game" segure R1 depois de ter zerado,você iniciará com todas as roupas que você possuir na gravaçao anterior =]

Duvidas perguntem =]

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